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Frustration Station Favorites

I have curated these lists so you don't have to spend your time searching!

I regularly recommend these products to clients, use them myself, or just think they're really great options for cultivating holistic wellness in your daily grind.

For every Cozy Corner, we should have a Frustration Station. 


Shifting from "good vibes only" to "all vibes welcome" is a powerful change for holistic wellness. Being able to sit with unpleasant feelings and work through them in healthy ways are critical skills for resilience and addiction resistance. 


This collection promotes healthy acceptance and processing of emotions like anger, frustration, and stress for kids and adults.

These products can help you cultivate holistic wellness in your daily grind.

I encourage you to support small and local businesses by finding these products locally.

But I have provided Amazon links for you to browse and learn more about the products.

One of the ways I support my work and my family is with Amazon Affiliate commissions that I receive when people buy products I recommend from the direct links on my website.

I update these lists regularly (and add new ones), so check back!

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